About DMG

The Department of Mines and Geology (DMG) of Rajasthan state, with headquarters at Udaipur, has a reputation for being among the best organized DMGs in the country. It comprises a core team of 121 Geo-scientists, 61 Mining Engineers, 9 Scientists in the Chemical Laboratory and 13 engineers in the Drilling Wing. This extensive technical prowess is combined with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques for mineral exploration. They include Remote Sensing and Geophysical survey wings, while also providing Chemical, Ceramic and Ore Dressing laboratories.

The latest venture of the Department is the Vision 2020 -Strategy for Sustainable Mineral Development. It is a lucid projection of the directions and priorities of the department in the first twenty years of this century.

The State Department of Mines & Geology provides all necessary support and information to our lessees and potential investors. All queries regarding mineral potentiality, mineral legislation, procedures for grant of mineral concessions are attended quickly. For further information, please contact:

Department of Mines & Geology,
Shastri Circle, Udaipur (Raj) - 313001
E-Mail: adghq@dmg-raj.org

DMG has two fold functions:
  • Search, prospecting and systematic development of mineral deposits.
  • Mineral administration including grant of leases, collection of revenue, dead rent, ensure systematic and environment friendly mining etc.
  • Expeditious search and exploration of mineral wealth of the State by adopting modern exploration techniques.
  • Increase State's revenue through higher production of minerals & their scientific development;
  • Encourage value addition of minerals through promotion of mineral based industries in the State.
  • Promote Research & Development in the fields of identification, analysis, exploration, exploitation and beneficiation of minerals particularly keeping in view mineral conservation, utilization of waste and up gradation of low grade minerals/ores.
  • Adopt adequate measures for protection of environment in mines & restoration of mined out areas.
  • Take adequate measures to promote export of minerals & establishment of export oriented units (EOU).
  • Construct approach roads to mines and quarries.
Important Mineral Discoveries at a Glance:
DMG in past 50 years has contributed significantly in the discovery and exploration of a number of mineral deposits in the State, important ones are :-
  • Lead zinc deposit of Rampura-Agucha, Bhilwara district with 58.8 million tones of reserves containing 1.9 % Pb and 13.4% Zn. This is country‚Äôs richest and largest single deposit of lead, zinc and silver and amenable to open cast mining.
  • Basemetal deposit of Deri, Sirohi district having 1 million tones reserves containing 1.98% Cu, 5.4% Pb and 7.52% Zn.
  • Basemetal deposit of Basantgarh, Goliya, Sirohi district with 3.5 million tones of reserves containing 1.22-2.6 % Cu and 3.6% Zn.
  • Basemetal deposit of Pipela, Sirohi district with 1.2 million tones reserves containing 1.2-2.2 % Cu and 1.3-2.3% Zn.
  • Copper deposit of Anjani, Udaipur district with 1.0 million tones reserves containing 1.19 % Cu.
  • Iron ore deposit of Chomu, Morija Jaipur district with 54.2 million tones reserves containing 60% Fe.
  • Iron ore deposit of Nathara-Ki-Pal, Udaipur district with 14.2 million tones reserves containing 50% Fe.
  • Barytes deposit of Jagat-Relpatliya, Udaipur district with 0.10 million tones reserves.
  • Fluorite deposit of Chowkri-Chapoli, Sikar district with 70 million tonnes reserves containing 15% CaF2.
  • Fluorite deposit of Kahila, Dungarpur district with 0.3 million tones reserves containing 15.20% CaF2.
  • Magnesite deposit of Sarupa-Gafa, Ajmer district with 0.15 million tones reserves. Rock phosphate deposits of Jhamarkotra, Udaipur district with 74 million tones of reserves having 16 to 38% P2O5.
  • SMS grade limestone deposits in Jaisalmer district have been proved having reserves of more than 1700 million tones.
  • Cement grade limestone deposits in Jaisalmer, Nagaur, Pali, Banswara, Bundi, Bhilwara, Jhalwar, Udaipur, Chittaurgarh, Jhunjhunu, Sirohi, Pali, Kota, Ajmer districts etc. were having more than 10,000 million tonnes reserves.

5720 million tonnes lignite mineral resources have been established at 78 localities in the districts of Bikaner, Barmer, Nagaur, Jaisalmer and Jalore. In Bikaner district lignite reserves have been proved at Palana, Barsinghsar, Riri, Kalyansar, Hadla, Kheniya Ki Basti, Diyatra, Raneri, Guda, Bithnok, Gadiyala, Mandal-Charan in Barmer district : Kapurdi, Jalipa, Giral, Saccha Sauda, Nimbal Kot, Nagurda, Kurla, Sindhari-Kosu, Hodu, Shivkar, Mashabar, in Nagaur district : Merta Road, Meera Nagar, Mokala, Kasnau-Igiyar, Matasukh, Kapriyo Ki Dhani, Unsara, Indawar, Nimdi Chandawatan, in Jaisalmer district : Khudi, Ramgarh and in Jalore district : Sewara.

For more info contact adghq@dmg-raj.org