guide lines and procedures for grant of mineral concessions
inspection of master map for ascertaining availability of free area
Before marking a specific area location (to be applied for), the applicant may inspect the "Master Map" maintained in ME/AME offices for their respective jurisdiction, on depositing specified fee for this purpose.
Master Map means the map marked with all sanctioned, executed, cancelled, surrendered and held mining areas therein. It is the duty of Mining Engineer or Asstn. Mining Engineer to keep it up to date at every time and made it available for inspection to any intended applicant.
restriction and preferential right for grant of mineral concessions
  • The State Govt. shall not grant a PL/ML to any person unless such person is an Indian National or a Company as defined in sub section (1) of Section 3 of the Companies Act, 1956.
  • No PL/ML shall be granted by the State Govt. except with the previous approval of the Central Government in respect of any minerals specified in the First Schedule (appended with MMDR Act 1957).
  • According to the present policy of the State, The Government of Rajasthan is not granting any lease for mineral Rockphosphate and Dolomite to any private entrepreneurs. As per the State Policy, exploitation of these minerals is being allowed only to Government undertakings.
  • In Minor Mineral, the leases for Marble and Granite can only be granted in accordance with the Marble Policy 2002 and Granite Policy 2002 respectively.
  • Where two or more persons have applied for a mining lease in respect of the same land, applicant whose application was received on earlier date, shall have preferential right for the grant of lease, over an applicant whose application was received later.
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