Industry Potential

Given the availability of a large variety of metallic and non-metallic industrial minerals, there is a huge potential of mineral-based industries in Rajasthan. In addition, there is well-developed transport, communication and power infrastructure in the State. The mineral policy of the State has been formulated so as to facilitate investment in mineral-based industrial sector. The State offers an investor-friendly environment and welcomes Indian and multinational investment in mineral-based industries.

For more information about mineral availability, infrastructure facilities and investment procedure, please contact:

Department of Mines & Geology, Shastri Circle, Udaipur (Rajasthan) - 313001
Phone: 91-294-2415091

Setting up of Mineral Based Industries:

Looking to the availability of Limestone Asbestos, Clay, Quartz, Feldspar, and other economic minerals a large number of lime, asbestos based industries are operating in the State. Pulverizing units to grind quartz, feldspar, soapstone etc., are also operating in the state. The status of the state with regard to existing mineral based industries is given below :

S.No. Industry Numbers
1. Cement Plants (Major) 21
2. Cement Plants (White) 2
3. Copper Smelter 1
4. Fertilizer (Single super phosphate/urea) 8
5. Glazed Tiles and Ceramic 4
6. Granite Cutting & Polishing units About 800 (Including 8 Gang Saw Plants)
7. Insulator (L.T. & H.T.) 1
8. Lead Zinc Beneficiation Plants 3
9. Marble Cutting & Polishing units 1500 Gang Saw 2000 Tiling Plants
10. Sanitary Ware 1
11. Sulphuric Acid 3
12. Super Zinc Smelter 1
13. Zinc Smelter 1
14. Quartz and Felspar Grinding and Pulvarizing Units 1000
15 Plaster of Paris 500
16 Gitti Crusher 3000
17 Lignite based Power Plant 13
18 Power Plant Coal based 6
19 Iron Puetisation Plant 1
20 Gas based Power Thermal Plant 3
Scope of Setting Up of Mineral Based Industries:

Looking to the availability of Minerals in the State, there is tremendous scope for setting up of new mineral based industries. Various minerals mined in Rajasthan are being sent to other states in raw form. The State is therefore, deprived of the value addition in minerals as well as employment avenues to rural and backward classes. The endeavour, therefore would be to encourage the establishment of mineral based industries in the State. Some of the industries which may come up in the state are given below.

S.No. Mineral/ Metal Industries
1. Copper Wire drawing and alloys, defence, die casting, railway, chemicals.
2. Lead White lead & Chrome lead, Storage batteries, pipe industries.
3. Zinc Zinc, chemicals, dry batteries, storage batteries, galvanizing industries.
4. Cement grade limestone Cement
5. Chemical grade limestone Calcium ammonium nitrate, Calcium carbide, Precipitated calcium carbonate, Hydrated lime.
6. Rock Phosphate Single super phosphate, Triple super phosphate, Diammonium phosphate, Phosphoric acid, elemental phosphorous.
7. China Clay Ceramics, cosmatics, paint, paper, cement, pottary.
8. Ball Clay Ceramics, pottary, presticides, insulator sheets, detergent, medicines.
9. Fire clay Refractories, sanitary wares, mortas, founday, crucibles, insecticides.
10. Calcite Glazed tiles, glass and ceramics, textiles, filler paint and mortar.
11. Quartz and Silica Boilers & Glass lumps and Fluorescent tubes, TV glasses, Maruti & Tata car glasses, fire glasses.
12. Bentonite & Fullers Earth Pulverising units, Earth activation units, edible oil industries.
13. Soapstone Insecticides, Cosmetics, Micronizing units, kitchan sinks, electronics & insulation.
14. Gypsum Plaster of Paris, Gypsum Board, ceemnt industries, fertilizer, conditioner.
15. Fluorspar Cryolite, Hydro fluoric acid, ceramic, welding electroder, glass industries, artificial teeth.
16. Garnet Abrasive, Cutting & Polishing. gem industries, finishing glass.
17. Lignite Briquetting, Liquid lignite, Power plants, in all other industries as fuel.
18. Potash Murates of Potash, fertilizer, explosives, match box.
19. Granite Decorative and dimensional stone industries
20. Marble Decorative industries