vision 2020
Strategy for Sustainable Mineral Development
Department has formulated a new prospective plan for mineral sector which would go a long way in providing a sustainable base to the mining industry in Rajasthan. Promulgation of the New Economic Policy (NEP) and subsequent General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) posed a new challenge before the department. Consequently VISION 2020 document has been introduced on 15th August, 1999. The strategy that envisaged in this document would help the department remain on course and serve the people of the State in a cost-effective manner.
The salient features of the VISION 2020 document are:
  • Due care is being paid to imbibe new technologies and upgrade technological perception of the human involved.
  • Reorientation strategy for the department to the new requirements and to address the issue of Governance afresh. Systems and procedures be simplified.
  • A Human Resource Renewal Plan along with introduction of modern hi-tech equipments in a phased manner shall be implemented.
  • Department shall act as facilitator in mineral prospecting. Logistic support and market intelligence is being provided to the mining industry.
  • Ecological concerns shall be given due regard. Mining has to be in conformity with local eco-systems. Micro eco-management plan for each area shall be drafted and promulgated.
  • Suitable safeguards shall be provided in mining clusters.
  • Underground mining be encouraged keeping in view economy, safety and ecology of the region.
  • Overall human resource management plan of the State shall be build up and implemented. District wise manpower requirements shall be assessed and steps shall be taken up to train the labourers for skilled jobs to cater to the needs of local industries.
  • Department has felt the need for a comprehensive prospecting policy in view of the inflow of new survey technologies in the wake of liberalization of economy. The twenty year VISION plan concentrates on extensive prospecting of industrial minerals, hydrocarbons, precious stones and metallic minerals.
  • For speedy development of decorative stones and other minor minerals, 5 year wise programme shall be formulated and implemented.
  • Minerals whose prospecting is expensive should be identified and given to private sector for detailed prospecting.
Conservation of Enviornment
  • Mining operations will be eco-friendly by adhering scientific mine planning and systematic exploration of minerals.
  • Reclamation of mineral exhausted pits shall be attended in a phased manner.
  • Mechanism has to be put in place to control overburden and mine dust by either having a free screen or  by adopting dust management techniques (drenching etc.)
  • Safety norms and systems have to be computed and enforced across the board.
  • Health and safety of those working in mines shall be ensured by setting norms and enforcing their observance.